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***THANKS FOR 4000HITS & OVER 100 +WATCHERS!!!***:icononionx3plz:

No need to thanks for the llama, I'm giving as gratitude for the +fav/comment/+watch!=D
(Sorry if anyone don't like llama)
Thank you llama by YooMeThank you llama by YooMeThank you llama by YooMeThank you llama by YooMeThank you llama by YooMe

Tagged by :iconnayu2na: a feeeeeew days ago! ...ok, -one month ago- =b
Google Traslation in full working mode!

1.) you must post the rules
2.) you must post 10 things about yourself....
3.) you must answer the questions the tagger has set for you, and make 10 new questions for your tagged people
4.) you choose 10 people to tag AND post their icons in your journal so all the world will know who they are
5.) you have to go to their pages and tell them you tagged them
6.) no tag backs
7.) no "if your reading this your tagged" crap

*10 things about myself*
1. I'm very SHY!! That disturbs me a lot Xb But when we are very very good friends, I become a crazy girl! So only my true friends know the real me, hehe:iconheplz:
2. My hobby besides drawing is Jigsaw Puzzles!! Never used glue, because I love doing a million times the same puzzle.
3. My favourite colour is Black, White and Red
4. I just luv uniforms:heart::heart::heart:
5. My first love was a anime character! XD
6. Can't stop biting my nails... Any recommendations?^^;
7. I can't wake up early~ :iconzzzzzplz:zzZZZ
8. One of my dreams is go to Hello!Project's concert! (*H!P is the name for a collection of the japanese female idol groups and artists produced by Tsunku)
9. I'm still searching for my own style of drawing
10. & YES, I AM FUJOSHI :iconhappyhappyplz:

Now :iconnayu2na:'s questions
1.) What´s your favorite ice cream flavor?
Chocolate & Strawberry. Often I take a neapolitan to enjoy three flavors in one!

2.) Your favorite fairy tale?
"Beauty and the Beast", "Hansel and Gretel", "Rapunzel"

3.) Tell me about your most embarrassing situation!
I slept on the school bus, and I went to the driver's home :XD:

4.) Tell me about your most dangerous happening.
Not dangerous, but...I almost forgot my ticket in the bathroom of the airport *cold sweat*

5.) What kind of people do you hate?
mmm...People who don't respect others?

6.) What do you do during class when you get bored?
Draw, sleep, or indulge in daydreams.

7.) What would your classmates do during the suddenly blackout?
The boys start screaming like a girl (as a joke)

8.) How is/was your favorite teacher?
Who was very friendly with me. Told me that still keeps the drawing that I gave^^

9.) You´re left-handed?
Yes, I'm LEFTY!:icongreatjobplz:

10.) How many pair of twins do you meet until now?
4, and one of the twins (only met the lil bro)

*My questions*
1.) How did you choosed your username?
2.) Do you look more like your father or your mother?
3.) Do you have tattoos?
4.) When was your first love?
5.) What was the last movie you watched?
6.) Have you ever fought in school?
7.) What kind of luck you've had recently?
8.) You wear glasses?
9.) If you could switch your sex for a day, what would you do?
10.) What you like most about your country?

I'll tag-> :iconmintchocofusion::iconna-mero::iconkanamorimiyu::icontabbyburger::iconikupid::iconambersun102::iconyoru-alice::iconaikandii::iconlunasane45::iconandycandy1047:

Answer the questions when you have time~ :iconkissingplz:
and it's okay if you don't want^^


naYEAH's Profile Picture
I can speak japanese, portuguese, spanish, (and a little bit of) english.

My gallery contains:
*Original Works
*Fan Arts (Manga, Anime, Games)
*Boys Love/Yaoi

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